Opera seria in three acts by Johann Adolf Hasse to a libretto by Pietro Metastasio (see Artaserse above); Venice, Teatro S Giovanni Grisostomo, February, ARTASERSE principe, e poi re di Persia, amico d’Arbace ed amante di. Semira. MANDANE sorella d’Artaserse ed amante d’Arbace. ARTABANO prefetto delle. The libretto is by Metastasio and Artaserse is the Persian king Artaxerxes I, son of Xerxes I (Serse). He ruled from BC to BC. The story is, as so often in.

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Click here to subscribe. Nevertheless, Megabise is content to marry Semira, even if it means that she will hate him for arraserse. Hasse’s ‘Artaserse’ by Charles T. Lacombe February 12, Lintu June 10, Einojuhani Rautavaara, Giant Of PDF typeset by editor Hamilton.

The short life of the Neapolitan composer Leonardo Vinci reads like an opera plot, full of triumphs and intrigues and culminating in death via a cup of poisoned chocolate. Nevertheless, Artaserse says that Arbace has proclaimed his innocence and refuses to believe that his friend artasere guilty, instead believing that there must be some other reason for his silence.


Artaserse demands that Arbace be brought before him. It seems that Behle is ready for the lirico-spinto repertoire.

Artaserse (Hasse)

Artaserse and Mandane also realise that they had just put an innocent man to death. Subscribe Explore our Subscription Options Subscribe, gift or renew to Limelight Libretto this month and you could win tickets to see your state symphony orchestra in Meanwhile, Artabano is devastated at the apparent death of his son, and swears to have his revenge by killing Artaserse. Nagano March 4, J. This was the first of many musical settings of arguably Metastasio’s most popular libretto, and Vinci and Metastasio were known to have collaborated closely for the world premiere of the opera in Rome.

Artaserse (Hasse)

Torna innocente e poi. Santa Fe Songs Latest on Forbes: Se del fiume altera l’onda. Arbace is grateful for Artaserse’s belief in him, and wishes Artaserse all the best before he leaves. Arbace climbs the wall into the garden.

Grimaud January 29, Semira expresses her pain at separation from Artaserse due to the recent events. In this situation Artabano, to save the life of his son, admits that he has poisoned the drink and also that he murdered Serse. In the concluding chorus everybody hails Artaserse: Segerstam October 9, Artaserse, who has been doubting the guilt librdtto Arbace, his long-time friend, all this while enters the prison to secretly release Arbace.


Hauk January 8, The story, attributed to the third-century Roman historian Justin Marcus Junianus Justinusreads as follows:. Through various accidents which supply the episodes that adorn the present dramain artasersse end his treason is exposed and the safety of Artaxerxes is assured, which exposure and assurance are the main action of the drama.

Fra cento affanni e cento. Artabano asks the guard to leave the two of them alone.

Ionarts: Briefly Noted: Hasse’s ‘Artaserse’

Now Artaserse hands the goblet to Arbace so he can prove his innocence by drinking from it. Artabano throws his sword away and is detained by the guards. Bach, Soprano Cantatas, D.