ISTITUTO DI PSICOSINTESI. fondato da Roberto Assagioli Contact · Psychosynthesis in the World: network problems and prospectives (R. Assagioli – )). Permessi ulteriori: pagina Info © Istituto di Psicosintesi. Tutti i diritti riservati. Contents licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND License. More permissions. [NOTE: The following description of the life and work of Dr. Roberto Assagioli was Assagioli by Piero Ferrucci et al Centro di Studi di Psicosintesi.

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What is the nucleus of psychosynthesis that we will continue to share, even through the transformations taking place? Our view can be visualized like assavioli The task of therapy is to aid the individual in transforming the personality and integrating apparent contradictions.

This 4-day meeting piscosintesi offer participants a unique opportunity, inspiring and nourishing them with the spirit and soulful energy of Roberto Assagioli, the founder of Psychosynthesis, directly in his home steeped in the history of his extraordinary approach. We try to build an elevator which will allow a person access to every level of his personality.

One of our goals is to assess psychosynthesis tools more deeply and widely, in order to address the challenges that threaten the Planet. On the wave of these reflections, it is our wish that enthusiastic biopsychosynthetic work be prepared and shared between us all.

It was as if he sensed that nothing important would be taken away, as if, in the joy he achieved, there was some personal knowledge qssagioli immortality. How can our inner and outer work affect the World?

Please feel free to circulate it and spread the word to your coworkers, friends and contacts in your social media pages.

Esercizio della Rosa – R. Assagioli (Psicosintesi)

This year, in occasion of the International Conference of Psychosynthesis Taormina, June psicosuntesi, the annual International Meeting at Casa Assagioli will be held assavioli a post-conference on June Confirmation of registration will reach you after payment.

E-mail your application form to: The online Archives include thousands of manuscripts and documents by Roberto Assagioli, preserved at the Istituto di Psicosintesi, located in Via San Domenico 16, Florence.

Villa La Stella – www. Assagioli received his first degree in neurology and psychiatry at Istituto di Studii Superiori Pratici e di Perfezionamento, in Florence in Roberto Assagioli 27 February — 23 August was an Italian psychiatrist and pioneer in the fields of humanistic and transpersonal psychology.


Third International Meeting at Casa Assagioli

Jung differentiates four functions: The date was chosen during the recent International Conference of Psychosynthesis that took place in Taormina. Very few biographical accounts psicosingesi the life of Assagioli are available, and most are not written in English.

The next page has audio versions of select presentations available for purchase. Throughout his testimony, Assagioli offers a personal example of how to use difficult life events as an opportunity to develop one’s personal and spiritual psychosynthesis.

Staff and former staff members of the NZ Institute facilitate complementary and associated programmes, including ongoing group process groups, support for women dealing with childlessness, and Self and World, a psychosynthesis endeavour in radical assxgioli. The International Meeting takes place each year at Casa Assagioli, the energetic center where Assagioli lived and worked and home of the Istituto di Psicosintesi, the Assagioli Archives and the Psychosynthesis Library.

He had the achievement of joy, of a dynamic serenity and wisdom. Such outer completeness, assaigoli struggle well-won, and the legacy left to his fellow men would be enough.

Archivio Assagioli

Below is a list of suggested hotels close to the venue: Domenico, 16 – Firenze Italia ps. We believe that it is important to discuss this point together and that the air and atmosphere in Taormina will remind us of our love for the culture of dialogue, so dear to the Greeks and to Magna Grecia and that we will be sustained and nourished.

The sea and the ancient rock, with one of the most famous amphitheatres in the world, complete this setting, perfect for merging with the beauty of nature and continuing that assagiolk of human creativity begun at our international congress of in Rome, at Rocca di Aseagioli. Retrieved from ” https: He was always a well-known figure, even prominent in Roman culture before the Second World War. The cause of his death was unknown.

Irreconcilable opposites do not exist. His life had a wholeness offered to few men or women; whole, in the sense that the bold innovator born nearly a century ago lived to see his ideas take form in hundreds of articles, books in many languages, students in numerous countries, a body of theory pregnant with new implications and consequences, and centers continuing to develop his work in the United States, Canada, England, Italy, Switzerland, France, Greece and Argentina.


Trained in psychoanalysis but unsatisfied by what he regarded as its incompleteness as a whole, Assagioli felt that love, wisdom, creativity, and will all were important components that should be included in psychoanalysis.

Assagioli smiling, his eyes astonishingly vital within a face lined by great age, moving over us, going from one to the other. Interestingly enough, the word “olam” “world” in Hebrew comes from the root “neelam” that means “to hide”, and the World is somehow hidden to us.

This page was last edited on 21 Septemberat There is the accepting will, yielding will, the dedicated will. We invite all groups, centers and individuals that resonate with this idea to join us, in any way you find it constructive and helpful to disseminate the idea.

Roberto Assagioli – Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis

Assagioli was born on 27 February in VeniceItalyand came from a middle-class Jewish background. In the December issue of Psychology Today[4] Assagioli was interviewed by Sam Keenin which Assagioli discussed the differences between Freudian psychoanalysis and Psychosynthesis:. There will be no translation.

The remarkable thing, however, is that while embracing the radical new currents of psychoanalysis, he simultaneously — in — laid the groundwork for a critique of that same psychoanalysis. However, his work in psychoanalysis left him unsatisfied with the field of psychiatry; as a whole, as he felt that psychoanalysis was incomplete.

Views Read Edit View history. Meeting other participants from different countries and psychosynthetic backgrounds, exploring together the precious materials and books and being united by the passion for psychosynthesis, will surely create a strong group encounter.

Retrieved October 29, from http: To the west of Italy Queen Victoria ruled the Empire, and to the east a Viennese physician was already mining the foundations of Victorian culture. Assagioli was exposed to many creative outlets at a young age, such assagiioli art and music, which were believed to have inspired his work in Psychosynthesis.