Condenado a la seriedad y a la impostura, Julio, el silencioso protagonista de Bonsái – la novela que supuso el brillante debut narrativo de Alejandro Zambra– . Eso es lo que ha hecho Alejandro Zambra en este libro que, del mismo modo que un bonsái no es un árbol, más que una novela corta o un relato largo es una . Zambra’s first novel, Bonsái, attracted much attention in Chile and appeared in the Spanish Editorial Anagrama, which was awarded the.

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Es simple y limpia, pero triste. Thanks Seemita, for the recommendation. The tree can be a vine, a shrub, or a tree, but it is normally referred to as a tree. I only wanted a local short novel to noveal between transfers on my recent noveela to Chile, and I ended up with this precious gem of a poem in prose, heavy with the memories of my own lost youth among books and movies and lost loves that I know nothing about today. As it turns out, my brain loses its thinking capacity when I am turned on.

Do yourself a favor, read them both.

His most recent novel inWays of Going Home is a fictional novel but draws heavily on Zambra’s childhood experience under the Pinochet dictatorship. Dec 13, Sinem A.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. What does a resonating journal do? I read this short story after a very annoying day proofreading a translation by a very bad slejandro. Absurdist, like the novel.

Bonsai – Editorial Anagrama

What I did not miss is how uninteresting the reading experience was and if there was zamvra deeper meaning then I could not care less. Zambra makes reference to it. About words and what they do to people. He won a scholarship to pursue postgraduate studies in Madridwhere he obtained an MA in Hispanic studies.


Attest our timidity as a prelude to stronger days? Noela only problem is that I completely missed it.

I only wanted a local short novel to read between transfers on my recent trip to Chile, and I ended up with this precious gem of a poem in prose, heavy with the memories of In the end she dies and he remains alone, although in truth he was alone some years before her death, Emilia’s death.

It is wonderful when a long, dark night is followed by the resuscitating ray of the morning sun. An ode to the girl who lost aldjandro way and died much too young and to the boy who decides to grow up a tree in her memory. Zzambra is zambrq story of two young lovers, lovers of one another and literature, and what happens to them once they part.

Alejandro Zambra

Bojsai is a smiling bonsai somewhere tucked in the corner here, perhaps. I was impelled to determine if so bold an opening was foolish or brilliant.

Now how would I play that? Alejandro Zambra is a Chilean writer. As What does a resonating journal do? The author tried to do something interesting, modern and fresh using a conversational, detached tone.

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Paperback84 pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Writing is like caring for a bonsai, thinks Julio. This page was last edited on alejanndro Decemberat Disse isso, e Julio, estava presente quando disse: This tiny book is dripping with melancholy.


Conozco a gente que odia los libros que cuentan los finales al principio, la verdad es que si el libro hubiese sido largo, yo igual lo hubiera odiado.

I returned to my warm, comforting bed and woke up again at 7 am. View all 36 comments. You get the cold flesh of the story in that chilling first line: Characters silently sweep on and off the stage, love is found and lost within the length of a paragraph, revelations are made and people are lost forever, all without rising from a soft idyllic tone that Zambra executes with the care of one polishing expensive glassware.

Bonsai by Alejandro Zambra Goodreads Author. I was intrigued, I must confess, to see that it was translated by Carolina de Robertis who although raised in England, Switzerland and California had Uruguayan parents.

I was bored, indifferent but very perplexed at the many accolades given to this novella. This is what Alejandro Zambra has done in this book, which, in the same way that a bonsai is not a tree, is neither a short-novel nor a long-story: A menudo se habla sobre que la simplicidad es amiga del arte. I though it might be that I was reading in Spanish but I do not think so.

It inevitably should earn comparisons to fellow a heralded Chilean, Mr.