Note that every unqualified variable is automatically considered to be in context this, so that a reference to the variable $(foo) is identical to referencing. CFEngine Homepage. Version Design Center ยท Enterprise API Reference; Syntax, identifiers and names The CFEngine 3 language has a few simple rules. The purpose of the cfengine reference manual is to collect together and document the raw facts about the different components of cfengine. Once you have.

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When you run cfengine it normally only generates output if something is wrong which needs your attention. It expands to the current machine’s AFS sysname on the fly.

This script provides only one way of making the necessary files available to users. The table below is updated as the tips occur to me, or as others contribute their own.

One way is to undefine a class on the command line when you invoke cfengine: RunScript quoted-string Executes refeeence named script command.

CFEngine Documentation Archive

Bundles for monitorUp: First of all, get the latest patches referenfe solaris, there are bugs in the kernel of solaris 2. You may use the numerical form or a hostname for the gateway. Append quoted-string Add a line containing the quoted string to the end of the file.

Here is an example refedence the syntax:. Variable expansion in CFEngine 3Previous: For example, you might wish to mount or locate directly if you are not using a separate partition for home directories your home directories under mountpattern in cfenine u1u2 and so on. If you declare a file as being required, cfengine will check to see if the file exists. Flex might generate a lexer file lex. The name acl-alias can be any identifier containing alphanumeric characters and underscores. CFEngine script to setup the sendmail.


Normally only urgent messages or clear errors are printed.

CFEngine Documentation – this

Best practice for writing promisesUp: You can use the SetOptionString command to redefine the option string. If referenfe set this option to true, cfengine executes restart commands without using a shell. Use of this option currently causes cfengine to ignore locks. Function isplainUp: If arguments are passed to the module, the whole string must be quoted like a shellcommand.

BindToInterface in cfagentPrevious: When cfengine tidies users’ home directories, it keeps a log of all the files it deletes each time it is run. Applied to the current file, it is equivalent to saying: This parameter controls the minimum time which must have elapsed for an action in the action sequence before which it will be executed again.

Variable expansion and contextsUp: This requires the DCE library to be present on the system on which you are compiling. Generally speaking the only case in which this function makes sense is in transferring shadow password files.

CFEngine Documentation – Home

Cfengime referencePrevious: The convention can be different on every subnet and it is decided by the network administrator. Checksums and change managementPrevious: They look like directories to cfengine and this causes it problems since they do not parse like directories. Function hashmatchPrevious: If the value is zero, only the named file or directory is affected.


These files can then be tidied by searching for the suffix. SplitOn quoted-string This defines a single character which is to be interpreted as cfengune field separator for editing files with columns. If the file’s time stamps lie in the specified range, this returns true. If ffengine option is set to bymatchthen signals are only sent to the processes if the matches criteria fail.

Directory permissions rrference, Previous: Function ip2hostUp: You can use the ‘home’ pseudo-variable to iterate over all users’ homedirectories: Otherwise a double quoted string may not currently contain double quotes and likewise for single quoted strings.

In other words, if cfengine encounters a line matching this regular expression, it aborts the current action.

CFEngine Reference

Fcengine on windows policiesPrevious: This is recommended, but it does mean that you cannot use any shell operators or features in the restart command-line.

A check is therefore made as a security feature. You do not need to change clssattr if you simple replace one of the unused classes by a real class.