Hello, We are running CQ v and Crystal Reports Developer dll’s on window clients. I have copied all the dll’s from the installation. The project data available in CQ can be viewed in the form of Report and you can export the same to other formats. Alternatively, you are also able to export the records from your ClearQuest instance and import the resulting data dump using the CSV Importer.

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Upgrading user databases When you create or modify a schema, use the Designer to create or upgrade user databases to work with the latest version of the schema.

You can create a report snapshot by exporting the report from the report viewer in the Report Launcher for Rational ClearQuest web interface and saving it as a PDF file. You then use the Maintenance Tool to manage these connections. However, report files can be shared using basic facilities that already exist in most organizations. Rational ClearQuest Report Exporter. Use the Clear credentials link to remove the saved credentials.

Using the Report Launcher for Rational ClearQuest

However in most other cases, you might want to demonstrate a Jira pilot instance that contains real cclearquest data from your ClearQuest system. Please follow it exactly. We are running You can import and export data from other data sources by using the Import and Export wizards in the Rational ClearQuest Client.

The interface operates like a download site. Thanks, John This e-mail may contain confidential or privileged information. Adding and removing code page headers from exported files You can use the cpheader command to add and remove data code page header information to and from exported queries, charts, reports, report formats, and form files created by using the original ClearQuest Designer.



About exporting and importing reports

Copy new files, include subdirectories, suppress prompts and output, overwrite read-only files:: If you are importing a report from another schema repository, ensure that it has the same queries and report format fields as the database with which you will use the imported report.

For more information about security, see Creating a security model. BuckleyDarren W. You can create and modify queries, charts, and reports and store them in the Public Queries folder to be available to all users. Contact and feedback Need support? For more information about report security, see About Rational ClearQuest reporting security.

Enforce the change management process. Submit, modify, and track change requests; support project analysis by creating and updating queries. Related content No related content found. Feed for this topic. Contains only system fields. Also note that there are some dll’s that must be renamed.

Can you export to any other format? Hello, We are running CQ v I have copied all the dll’s eexport the installation disk of CR 8. These are common tasks for the schema developer: If the Report Server for ClearQuest was removed from the target system, you may still be able to export previously saved report design files from a backed up version of the report repository.

User authentication Manage Users Specifying user authentication Authentication overview.

Importing and exporting data

Contains fields and hooks that work with all IBM Rational products. To do this, you set up at least one dedicated e-mail account.


Answered question This question has been answered. For more information, see Rational ClearQuest e-mail. There may be times when a team member needs to use a report that you created, or when you want to use a report created by a team cleqrquest.

When you create a schema repository, you also create a connection or database set that keeps track of all of the databases associated with schemas in that schema repository. To create a schema that models your process, you have several options:. I have run reprt the same problem and have not yet found an answer.

Developing schemas with the Rational ClearQuest Designer. Set up and connect to rfport schema repository during installation and when upgrading to a new ClearQuest version. We would only recommend going clearquwst with this option together with an Expert. Alternatively, you are also able to export the records from your ClearQuest instance and import the resulting data dump using the CSV Importer Add-on in Jira.

I have asked Rational and Business Objects and they just point finger at each other. You can then create a set of rules that trigger an e-mail notification when a specific event occurs, such as the transition of a change request to a new state.

When the requirements are known, create or modify a schema to build the process model. See the Frequently asked questions section of the Report Exporter ReadMe for help exporting reports from a backed up repository database.