The Erra Epos Very few people know that the recorded annihilation of the two cities south of the Dead Sea which was Sodom and Gomorrah as described in. more than the Iliad’s, are gods: Erra, god of war, his minister Ishum, and development of epic, the poem of Erra and Ishum belongs in the. 30 Erra seems confident that he will succeed in persuading Marduk to leave renderings as there are translators: F. Gossmann, Das Erra-Epos (Wurzburg.

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The king of the gods made ready to speak and said, “[ ] and went up to heaven. The Anunna gods were frightened and went down to the pit of hell.

Erra heard him [ ] Foreign peoples invade Babylonia, but are struck down by plague. Assyrian Hero with a small Lion. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: He was sitting in the E-meslam, taking up his dwelling, He thought to himself what habe been done, His heart being stung, it could give him no answer, But he asked it what it would have him eepos.

In a rousing call to arms, they extol the heroic excitement epis the campaign, the honor, prestige and gratification it brings.

Erra (god)

Then the god withdraws to his own seat in Emeslam with the terrifying Seven, and mankind is saved. To Mount Mashu Ninurta departed, behind him Nergal followed.

His heart urged him to do battle! The warrior Erra heard them, What the Seven said pleased him like finest oil. The Seven claim further that there are too many wild animals on the loose. The world is turned upside down: Accessed 03 December, The Seven offer the encouragement that Erra needs.


The Seven are known from a range of Akkadian incantation texts: The seventh he charged with viperous venom,” Slay whatever lives”. Destroyer gods Mesopotamian gods Amulets Plague gods. The warrior Erra set out for Babylon, city of the king errz the gods.

He said to the fourth, “Let a mountain collapse when you present your fierce arms”. O Engidudu, who patrols at night, ever guiding the noble, Who ever guides young men and women in safety, making light as day, The Seven, warriors unrivalled, their divine nature is different, Their origins are strange, they are terrifying, Whoever sees them is numbed with fear.

The Erra Epic

Erra amulet Amulet to ward off plague inscribed with a quotation from the Akkadian Erra Epic. Ancient Alien Library Entertainment Website. Anunnaki Ancient Astronauts is with Loretta M. Erra heard him […] … He entered […]. e;os

He errra it at night, and just as he the god? Narrator invokes Marduk, chief deity of Babylon, and Ishum, vanguard and companion of Erra. He entered Esagila, palace of heaven and earth and stood before him.

He said to the second, “Burn like fire, scorch like flame”. The mount’s innards in an instant melted. The Erra text soon assumed magical functions [9] Parts of the text were inscribed on amulets employed for exorcism and as a prophylactic against the plague. He made ready to speak, saying to the king of the gods: See more of Rera Ancient Astronauts on Facebook. Shamash looked upon him and let his protective radiance fall Each weapon had a different purpose and different name: The control that Marduk and Nabu Marduk’s son by Earthling’s daughter of Enoch, beautiful Sarpanit so coveted, of it they are era deprived!

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The deed spoken and done, Ishum is remonstrating that Enlil has forsaken his city. He is anxious to fight and campaign, but hesitates through natural inertia.

Erra-Epos – Google Books

He entered Esagila, palace of heaven and earth and stood before him. Ishum set out for the mountain Hehe, the homeland of the Suteans. Then, afterwards, let the Akkadian arise to slay them all, to rule them, everyone. He said to him [ ]. Spiritual Humor Just For Fun.

In the epic that is given the modern title Errathe writer Kabti-ilani-Marduk, [2] a descendant, he says, of Dabibi, presents himself [3] in a colophon following the text as simply the transcriber of a visionary dream in which Erra himself revealed the text. Notify me of new posts via email. The Sibitti call on Erra to lead the destruction of mankind. These are the ones who are in a fury, holding their weapons aloft, They are saying to Erra”Up, do your duty! You are commenting using your Twitter account.

He entered [ ].

He commanded the third, “Look like a lion, let him who sees you be paralyzed with fear”. Narrator invokes Marduk, chief deity of Babylon, and Ishum, vanguard and companion of Erra.

This page was last edited on 17 Novembererrq He said to him [ ] “Come now, [ ] “To destroy the lands [ why did you plot?