GOST 19903 PDF

Find the most up-to-date version of GOST at Engineering Minimum dimensional tolerances of steel depending upon product mix equal 1/2 or 2/3 EN (GOST ). Deviations from flatness for flat products. Fabricated as per GOST The dimensions shall comply with GOST The chemical composition shall be in accordance with GOST

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Lead Lead tape, foil Lead sheet. Steels and alloys for castings The non-alloy casting steel Steel for castings with special properties Steel casting alloy Alloy for castings with special properties.

Hot-rolled sheet steel 09Г2С, 10HSND, GOST , – MetTransTerminal, TOO |

Rare metal mill-products Beryllium metal ingot Gadolinium metal ingot Gallium metal ingot Germanium metal ingot Yttrium metal ingot Lithium metal ingot Selenium metal ingot Scandium metal ingot. Expansion joints, valves Compensator Metal hose Mesh. Cast iron Foundry pig iron Cast iron pig Grey cast iron with lamellar graphite Malleable cast iron Low alloy cast iron High alloy cast iron Antifriction iron castings Nickel cast iron Cast iron with nodular graphite The vermicular graphite iron casting.

CuCd1 wire, pipe Sheet, strip foil. P9 round wire wire Strip, sheet.


Stainless rod Stainless rod. Call back in 30 seconds.

Rare earth and refractory metals Refractory metals and alloys. Ti-6Al-6V-2Sn Rod 199903wire. Titanium gost VT Pipe, sheet plate. Circle A I Fittings.

Hot rolled steel of 3SP 1.8, 10, 20, according to GOST 19903-74, 16523-97

Connect with the office Ukraine Russia Germany. Strip foil Busbar band. Lantanhides Holmium metal ingot Dysprosium metal ingot Europium metal ingot Ytterbium metal ingot Lanthanum metal ingot Lutetium metal Neodymium metal ingot Praseodymium metal ingot Samarium metal ingot Terbium metal ingot Yost metal ingot Cerium metal ingot Erbium metal ingot.

CuCr, CuCr1 pipe, rod, wire Sheet, strip foil.

Titanium grade 38 Rod barwire. Our consultant will save your time. Sheet metal rolling is most often applied in spheres of construction, an avia and mechanical engineering, at construction of bridges.

Hot-rolled sheet 125 steel 09Г2С, 10HSND, GOST 19903-74, 14637-89

Niobium pipe, rod, bar, wire Sheet, strip foil. Stainless strip Stainless foil stainless band busbar. The leaf is made by means of cold or hot rolling on special machines. Leaf thickness usually makes up to millimeters, width – millimeters. Niobium, an alloy of niobium Niobium Godt alloys. Powder construction material Powder material based on iron Powder material based on copper Powder material based on aluminum Powder material based on molybdenum Powder material based on titanium Powder material based on silicon carbide.


Copper, copper alloy Copper Copper-Nickel alloy Copper alloy high-temperature Alloy vost copper-phosphorous Copper alloy special The master alloys copper-based Solders based on copper.

Titan The metal Titan. Nickel alloys Nickel metal Rare Nickel alloys. Chromel wire NiCr10 Chromel sheet, strip. Other Groups About enterprise. Tungsten rhenium wire WRe20 Tungsten rhenium thermocouple. Services Parts washing up and cleaning 3 Elimination of defects in metals 1 Surfaces treatment and protection 1 Painting Services 2.

Leaf hot-rolled zinced steel. Magnesium, magnesium alloy Magnesium primary Magnesium foundry alloy Magnesium alloys Magnesium-lithium alloy ultra-light Magnesium alloy with specific properties Magnesium charge alloy. Rare metals mill-products Vanadium strip, sheet, pid, ingot Vanadium strip, sheet, pid, ingot Vanadium wire, rod. Precision alloy The magnetically soft precision alloy The magnetically hard precision alloy Precision alloy with specified CTE Precision alloy for bimetall Precision alloy for elastic elements Precision alloy with higt electric resistance The alloy is non-magnetic Precision alloy other.

CuBe2NiTi rod, wire, pipe Sheet, strip foil. Titanium grade 2 pipe Wire, rod barhex bar Sheet platestrip.