THE subject of the Inspiration of the Bible is one which has been much . to our own Charles Hodge and Henry B. Smith, the one of whom asserts that the Bible. Archibald Hodge and Benjamin Warfield published this article together in The Presbyterian Review 6 (April ). It quickly drew notice for its scholarly and. It seemed fitting then to highlight this little gem from the modern grand-daddies of the doctrine of Inspiration, Archibald Hodge and B.B. Warfield.

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If you have any dealings with the discipline of bible criticism, either higher or lower you need hldge read this work. This doctrine of the Inspiration of Scripture, in all its elements and parts, has always been the doctrine of the Church. Judas of Galilee, [Barabbas]. The second performs the same service for a still greater number, which amount simply to the discovery of individual traits, modes of thought or expression, or forms of argumentation in the writings of the several authors of the Biblical books.

The natural knowledge came from all sources, as traditions, documents, testimonies, personal observations, and recollections; by means also of intuitions, logical processes of thought, feeling, experience, etc.

It is evident, therefore, that it is not clearness of thought which inclines any of the advocates of a real inspiration of the Holy Scriptures to deny that it extends to the words. It was long boldly asserted that Luke was in error in making Lysanias a contemporary tetrarch with the Herodian rulers. The prophet of God was sent with special revelations and authority at particular junctures to gather and interpret the lessons of the past, and to add to them lessons springing out of the providential conditions of the present.

It has been possible, of course, to examine only samples of critical objection.


On occasion it summoned all needed divine influences and suggestions, and it sealed the entire record, and all its elements, however generated with the imprimatur of God, sending it to us as His Word.

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Hodge and Warfield: Our View of Inspiration Reflects Our View of God | Reformedish

Instinct is warvield, unconscious, and not free. Exegesis must be historical as well as grammatical, and must always seek the meaning intendednot any meaning that can be tortured out of a passage.

Incredible pressure of the detailed language of both Galatians and Acts be indulged in. Another favorite charge made against these writers is, they are often hopelessly inconsistent with one another in their statements, and this charge of disharmony has sometimes been pushed so far as jodge make it do duty even against their historical credibility.


These events dovetail beautifully into one another as follows: Besides, the human bodge of knowledge by which the critics test the accuracy of Scripture are themselves subject to error. Don’t have a Kindle? Presentation thirty-three days later ; Snakes and Ladders by Alan Jacobs.

Inspiration securing no more than this — truthsimple truth — no phenomenon can be urged against verbal inspiration which cannot be proved to involve an indisputable error. Inspirztion He furnished each of the sacred writers, in addition to that which came to him through natural channels, all the knowledge needed for his appointed task, either by vision, suggestion, dictation, or elevation of faculty, or otherwise, according to His will.


Nothing was fixed or stable; vacillation, change, was everywhere. But Criticism cannot reach results inconsistent with the genuineness and authenticity of a document judged according to the professions of that document or the statements or implications of any other part of Scripture, or incompatible with the truth of any passage in the sense of that passage arrived at by the correct application of the sound principles of historico-grammatical exegesis, without thereby arraying herself in direct opposition to the Church doctrine of Inspiration.


These are but samples. Surely this is not a very clear case of indubitable error with its five ifs staring us in the face.

Having our eyes upon this principle, it is not rash to declare that no disharmony has ever been proved between any two statements of the New Testament. In view of all the facts known to us, we affirm that a candid inspection of all the inspirstion phenomena of the original text of Scripture will leave unmodified the ancient faith of the Church.

Sanday, in his excellent classification of New Testament quotations as to their form, 24 cites two passages only which can be plausibly asserted to be cases of mistaken ascription, viz.: But it may be justly expected that the chief classes of relevant objections should be inspriation touched upon. Besides, most believers admit that some of the prophetical parts of Scripture were verbally dictated.

But the whole genius of Christianity, all of its essential and most characteristic doctrines, presuppose the immanence of God in all His creatures, and His concurrence with them in all their spontaneous activities. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Therefore, all inspiraton from this side fall to the ground. Return to Nazareth when all legal duties were performed.

Paul and John and Peter largely drew upon the resources, and followed the lines of their own personal religious experience in the intuitional or the logical development of their inzpiration, and their experience had, of course, been previously divinely determined for that very purpose.