Brainwashing has ratings and 31 reviews. Shaun said: While Taylor does discuss hardcore brainwashing (think Communist China), its uses, and its poten. Bringing together cutting-edge research from psychology and neuroscience, Kathleen Taylor puts the brain back into brainwashing and shows why. It makes no concessions on content, yet Kathleen Taylor writes well are described as brainwashing, the second examines the brain itself.

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It explains the neurological basis for reasoning and cognition in the brainand proposes that the self is changeable while describing the physiology of neurological pathways. She’s funny, concerned, and first and foremost, knowledgable.

Brainwashing: The Science of Thought Control

Would recommend to those who enjoy brain science and its implications for psychology and sociology, as well as discussions of concepts like “free will”. Is book deserves a public debate about the morals of brainwashing, or mind altering techniques nrainwashing could be used for the benefit of humanity but also for total control. Freedom and control The first half of the book is the author catching us up on all the foundations and history of brainwashing in order to then discuss with us the parts she finds most fascinating – the writing was much easier to get into in the second half.

The middle part of the book chapters 7 through 11 delves into neuroscience and how it applies to brainwashing. Well less internet and more books could be OK for the time being.

Brainwashing: The Science of Thought Control by Kathleen Taylor

Jul 26, Lena rated it liked it Shelves: In philosophy it is referred to as ‘necessity’or ‘determinism’: Refresh and try again. The section on “cogwebs” is where the book really begins to take off. Jul 01, Emtiaj marked it as did-not-finish Recommended to Emtiaj by: It’s true that physicists have come up with various interpretations of quantum physics, but these are designed as technical mechanisms to bridge the gap between theory and the world as we see it, rather than explanations that would make sense to the ordinary reader.


Don’t be fooled, though – because in Beyond WeirdPhilip Ball has done something rare in my experience until Quantum Sense and Nonsense came along.

But this book, by itself, does not go into enough depth in any one area to truly make me feel that I understand. And then there is the impact of such ‘brainwashing’ upon national politics and our media through deliberate manipulation ‘fake news’ and misinformation John Polkinghorne on Thought Experiments. Mar 18, Hangci Du rated it really liked it.

The book assumes no particular knowledge of brain science, and so this section begins with a crash course on your brain.

Mar 11, Sophie rated it really liked it. It had some really interesting observations but between each one was ALOT of science and no story. Taylor provides background on the development of the term brainwashing, from its use in by journalist Edward Hunter and its later usage as applied to the spheres of cultsmarketinginfluencethought reformtortureand reeducation. Alongside the science and psychology, Taylor examines the history, politics, kxthleen ethics of brainwashing.

According to Taylor, cults emphasize positive aspects of the group over negative aspects of outsiders, endlessly repeat simple ideas in “highly reductive, definitive – sounding phrases”, and refer to brainwaashing and ambiguous” ideas associated with “huge emotional baggage “. Rather like a gully cut into rock by a small stream – even though the force of the water isn’t strong the constant flow gradually erodes the rock.

By the time I read the sections on how the brain works, the text flowed more logically, although it was complex and challenging because of the subject matter. It has also been the subject of learned discussion from many angles: Jun 03, Shaun rated it it was amazing Shelves: She touched the surface of a lot of important interrelated issues surrounding brainwashing.

Account Options Sign in. The Planet in a Pebble Jan Zalasiewicz. Jul 17, Yousef Mahmood rated it liked it.



Maybe was her first book so I added one more on my reading list. I am brainsashing to write an article about how political Islam is radicalizing generations of young Muslims around the world and found out about this book during my research work for the topic. Apr 17, Bernie Gourley rated it really liked it Recommends it for: It’s our faulty neurons, a result of genetics and our life circumstances and experiences, instead. Looks at the subject from all angles – from the violent spouse to the torture camp, from the narrow focus of most media to the milieu control of cult leaders.

I kept asking myself Science Logic and Mathematics. For example, we tend to attribute akthleen own success or that of ingroup members to internal factors ‘my skill got me that job’but an outgroup member’s success to external factors ‘the interviewer plays golf with his father’. Over the past 50 years the term has crept into popular culture, served as a topic for jokes, frightened the public in mediaheadlines, and God or the group? Despite this variety, to date there has been one angle missing: I urge anyone with an interest in psychology and thought processes to at least give this book a try.

Brainwashing and influence Part 2: Great book, if you’re interested in this kind of thing.

PD Smith gave the book a positive review in The Guardianand concluded: I couldn’t keep all of these aspects of the tqylor “brainwashing” in my head as I read. She also suggests that cynicism and humour assist resisting influence – which is great, because being English we are endlessly cynical and like to use humour as a defence.

Oct 26, Nina rated it it was ok.